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"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky."

Amelia Earhart



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Scholarship Program
Application Form

The Monterey Bay chapter of The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots histrocially offered one $2000 scholarship to a local woman. It is either to be used by the recipient to obtain her private pilot license or to obtain an advanced rating to further her pursuit of a career in aviation.

This scholarship is currently not being offered. If you have questions about other aviation scholarships or need assistance with an application that you are submitting contact:

Alice Talnack

Aviation Scholarship Chair




  • The Student applicant must be in good health and not dependent on medication or have any other disqualifying condition. The Advanced applicant must have a current medical certificate, appropriate to the rating she seeks.
  • The applicant must live in Santa Cruz or Monterey County.
  • If the applicant is already a licensed pilot, she must have completed any necessary written exams, have a current flight review or equivalent, and have all ratings prerequisite to the rating she seeks before money is awarded, but not necessarily before application. Otherwise, she must have completed the private written exam before money is awarded, but not necessarily before application.
  • The applicant, if less than 18 years of age, may elect to use the scholarship for ground school instruction expenses or have the money held until she is 18 years of age for flight instruction expenses.
  • If not already a licensed pilot, applicant must be proficient in English.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a financial need for the scholarship.
  • Applications must be postmarked by the application deadline, December 30th of current year.

The application form is available in Adobe's PDF format. Click here to download it.

Previous Winners:
1998 Tracy Parker, Future Woman Pilot
1999 Amber Roe, Future Woman Pilot
2000 Anandi Henrich, Future Woman Pilot
2001 Maricela Ortiz, Future Woman Pilot & Shannon Cullem, Advanced
2002 Kryss Crocker, Future Woman Pilot & Jennifer Hubbell, Advanced
2003 Mary Ann Cane, Future Woman Pilot
2004 Alice McCoy, Future Woman Pilot
2005 Jody Roberts, Future Woman Pilot
2006 Jody Roberts, Instrument Rating
2007 Michelle Ruprecht, C.F.I., Multi-Engine Instructor Rating
2008 Sal Valdes, Future Woman Pilot
2009 Jody Roberts, Commercial Rating
2010 Jennifer Hastie, C.F.I.I.
2011 Celeste Hadley, Helicopter Rating
2012 Jennifer Garner, Future Woman Pilot
2013 Serena Whelchel, Future Woman Pilot
2014 No applicants
2015 Danielle Ray, Advanced Rating
2016 No applicants
2017 Demi Bamber, Future Woman Pilot
2018 Alex Hodgson, Future Woman Pilot
2019 Sierra Lewis, Helicopter Rating



The Bay Cities 99s Scholarship will award multiple scholarships up to $4000. Please find more information on our website Lake Tahoe and Monterey Bay, please check geographic requirements carefully as all in your chapter may not be eligible.

Monterey Bay Area


SANTA ROSA NINETY-NINES Aviation Scholarship

Purpose: To provide funding to be used for a specific rating or certification to further the recipient's pursuit of a career in aviation.

Award Amount: $3,000

Eligibility: Any women at least 17 years of age, holding at minimum a current private license, a current medical, and a current flight review. Must reside within 150 miles of the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport, be eligible for the rating being applied for (i.e.: number of flight hours required, rating required, medical required), and have completed any written requirements for the rating before funds are dispersed.

For additional applications see our website at

There is more information on scholarships that are available on our International 99s website.

The Monterey Bay Chapter also offers registration fee awards to chapter members and/or Student Pilot members. The awards are to be used to attend either the next scheduled Fall or Spring Southwest Section meeting OR International Conference. The awards cover the registration fee only. The award application is due two months prior to the scheduled meeting registration deadline. Click here to download the application for the Section Meeting award, or click here to download the application for the International Conference award.

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