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"I hope for a day when women will know no restrictions because of sex, but, will be individuals free to live their lives as men are free..."

"And if you should find that you are the first women to feel an urge in that direction, what does it matter? Feel it and act on it just the same. It may turn out to be fun. And to me fun is the indispensable part of work."

Amelia Earhart



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The Californian: Female Aviators Band Together 2012

Pilot of the Year

Monterey Bay Chapter Past Chairmen

Kay Harmon Day at Salinas Airport 2008

Earline & Jean Win Palms to Pines Race 2007

Jet Romance 2007 - A trip to Key West by Gabrielle Adelman

Flying Companion Seminar 2007 photos by Ann Goldsmith - Another great event!

Human Race 2005 pictures by Ann Walker - A good time was had by all

Jumpin' Geneva - Skydiving Adventure of June 29, 2003

Spring Section Meeting 2003 pictures by Ann Walker

Salinas Airmarking 2003 by Mary Saylor with pictures by Ann Walker

Fear and Training in Wichita by Gabrielle Adelman

New Horizons School Project by Laura Barnett

A visit from Achsa Donnels - Charter Member of The 99s

Jill Smith's Alaska Adventures -
My long flying day was coming to a close...
Flying in bush Alaska can be very exciting...
Hurry Up & Wait
False Pass Alaska
Williwaws and Sea Urchings
Now that my checkride is over......

A look at what the Chapter has been up doing in 1999

Fall 2000 SW Section Meeting

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