Monterey Bay Ninety-Nines

"If you are a woman, and are coming to the flying field seeking stimulation, excitement and flattery, you had better stay away until flying is a little bit safer.

If you are thinking that flying will develop character; will teach you to be orderly, well-balanced; will give you an increasingly wider outlook; discipline you, and destroy vanity and pride; enable you to control yourself more and more under all conditions; to think less of yourself and your personal problems, and more of sublimity and everlasting peace that dwell serene in the heavens - if you seek these latter qualities, and think on them exclusively, why - FLY!"

-- Margery Brown, 'Flying' magazine, 1929.



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Our Chapter History

Monterey Bay Chapter received its charter on August 14, 1965. International President Ruth Deerman described the duties of each officer. Our International Vice President conducted installation services and the Governor of the Southwest Section gave each member her pin. Bay Cities and Sacramento Valley were co-sponsoring chapters. The welcoming speech was made by Betty Gillies, charter member of The Ninety-Nines and commander of the WASP.

Some Monterey Bay 99s in 1967Our chapter activities started off at full throttle by airmarking both the Monterey and Salinas Airports and having a team in the Powder Puff Derby in our first year. Since then we have hosted three Section Meeting (1968, 1972 and 1986) with another one scheduled for Fall 2000, painted many more runways, hosted the start of the Powder Puff Derby (1970), sponsored many Pilot Safety Clinics and Right Seat Seminars, and flown hundreds of non-pilots in Pennies-a-Pound fundraisers. We have added a scholarship program and a great mentoring program for our Student Pilots.

Charter members were:

  • Helen Shropshire
  • Shirley Navarro
  • Olga Scheffler
  • Mary Lou Knapp
  • Eleanor Carlson
  • Zoe Dell West Nutter
  • Janet McDermott
  • Nancy McPhee
  • Geneva Cranford
  •  Barbara Dickson
  • Joanne Nissen
  • Mary Ellen Eisemann
  • Shirley Golding
  • Sally Plummer
  • Mary Painter
  • Anna May Park
  • Camilla Jenkins
  • Dell Hauk Hinn

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