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Alice Talnack

Alice got the flying bug early in life. Her father started as an airplane mechanic, later earned his private pilot license. She was frequently at the airport with her father. At home, he earned extra money for his growing family, by rebuilding airplanes. So, as a kid, there was always an airplane in the garage that he was working on, instead of a car.

Her father quit flying, and years passed until at 40 years of age she decided it was her turn to accomplish her dream to become a pilot and continue the family tradition.

Why so long? Well, as many of us can identify with, life, work, buying a home, family, etc. came first.

She purchased a 1963 Mooney, a complex, high performance rated airplane that she still owns today.

In 2000, Alice joined The Ninety-Nines, Women Pilots Organization, to be among women that would support her desire to fly, for the camaraderie, and to keep flying!

As a member of the Monterey Bay Chapter she pitches in on anything that needs to be done, chapter officer, airmarking crew, cleanup crew. She likes to say she is one of the behind the scenes members, that helps when asked, and gets it done, for the chapter.

She has served the 99s as an officer both at the Section and International levels. And is a member of EAA, AOPA, WAI and Women and Drones.

And the thanks for all that she has accomplished goes to her family, The Ninety-Nines, and the Monterey Bay Chapter.



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