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"High sprits they had: gravity they flouted."

-- Cecil Day Lewis



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A look at what the chapter has been up doing in 1999!


Sarah Chauvet, Donna Crane-Bailey & Louise Minniear at the Spring Section meeting in San Jose.

Jeanne Hendrickson

Jeanne Hendrickson at the September 19, 1999 hangar part to celebrate her checkride!

Ron,  Sandy & Kay


Ron Harmon, Sandie David & Kay Harmon shaing Jeanne's special day.

FWP Michaela Future Woman Pilot Michaela Barnett attending a Santa Clara Valley Fly-In on November 20, 1999 at the94thAero Squadron Restaurant in San Jose.

Kevin & Geneva 


The beginning of the Marina Airmarking project. Geneva Cranford is supervising Kevin while he pounds in the pipe which will hold a brass cap indicating November 5, 1999 and Monterey Bay 99s.

Donna & Dell


Donna Crane-Bailey helping Dell Hinn maneuver across the wet paint.

Marina Airmarking 

Mapping out & painting 40 foot letters for the word "MARINA"

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