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Marjorie Bachman

Personal Biography

Marjorie graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1980 in the 1st class of women. She went on to Navy Flight Training and earned her wings in 1981. She flew EC130s in an Electronic Warfare Mission, earning a warfare specialty. She served as aircraft commander, mission commander and instructor pilot in the C130. She also instructed in the Navy in T-28B and T-34C Aircraft, teaching primary flight students. After leaving the Navy, she flew as a B727 Flight Engineer and B757 First Officer with Northwest Airlines. She currently flight instructs fulltime out of Watsonville, teaching multi-engine, single-engine and sport pilots on all levels.

ATP, MEI, CFI, CFII, Flight Engineer, Tail Wheel

Marjorie will share the story of her journey through the Naval Academy and flying in the Navy. She will explain how she attempts to apply the lessons she learned in the military and airlines to develop safe and secure pilots today.


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