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Flying Companion Seminar 2007

By Sarah Chauvet

Saturday, February 24, 2007, our chapter held a Flying Companion Seminar at the Santa Cruz Office of Education in Capitola. This was our first Flying Companion Seminar in many years and several of the presenters had never attended such a seminar. Thanks to all the hard work it was a great success. We had 17 people attend and their evaluations at the end of the day were very positive. We owe a great vote of thanks to the many Chapter members who worked so hard to make this a success. Michaele Serasio and Dena Taylor chaired the event. Alice Talnack provided the excellent presentation space and the printing of the manuals. Theresa Levandoski- Byers handled the registration and all the phone calls that went with it. Kendra Pugmire prepared the manual for printing and produced beautiful colored signs. They were there at 7:00am along with Donna Crane-Bailey, Carolgene Dierolf, Mary Doherty, Carolyn Dugger, Teri Mantz, and Sarah Chauvet. Kryss Crocker and her husband Andrew provided an excellent lunch for everyone and Kay Harmon and Geneva Cranford arrived with cookies in time to help with lunch and the afternoon presentations.

Dena starts it off at 8:30 a.m.


Teri & Theresa are absorbed in the next speaker while Dena gets some coffee.


Norm Hoffman from KION gives us the low-down on weather.


Sarah goes over weight and balance with everyone. Then along comes her passenger, Kay, who puts the plane way off the charts with her carry-on.


After some serious negotiations, Kay is convinced to leave behind her fur coat and other belongings - especially the suitcase full of silverware...


Carolyn and Donna prepping for their presentations.


Everyone had a great and educational time.


I hope we can do this again about the same time next year. We have had many inquiries about the next one already.

All photos by Ann Goldsmith
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